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Captcha Typing Job


Very easy captcha typing job

Captcha typing is very simple and guaranteed way to make money on the internet.

For captcha typing work you only need a smart phone with internet. There are many images on internet that can not recognized automaticaly and the customer (peoples) who are ready to pay for recognition. Your work is to just enter given text on the image in the given typing box.

You will earn for every correctly entered captcha.

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What about earning?

We allows you to earn with us. We give you opportunity to start your home based work on mobile to earn some money.

What you need to start the work?

You can start work on any smart phone with internet access. We use a third party award winning software which work without installation.

How much work you will provide me?

There is no limit on work, We dont force anyone to work too much, You can work on your free time. Our system are 24X7 online and you can work anytime.

How much money will i get for work?

Please see our plan for reference.